Rokinon Xeen XN24-C 24mm T1.5


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Categories : Cine Lens EF Mount Lens Xeen

About this item

  • Features an aluminum body for increased durability, a tripod mount, large & easy to read markings, and a long focus throw (200 Degree)
  • Unified focus, aperture gear and T-stop scale positions  among all Xeen by Rokinon lenses
  • Xeen by Rokinon lenses all have a 11 bladed diaphragm & unified 114mm front diameters for use with standard matte boxes
  • Angle of view 28.4⁰ on full frame cameras; 18.7⁰ on APS-C cameras; 19.0⁰ on Super 35 cameras & 14.4⁰ on MFT cameras
  • weighs only 2.7  lbs..Maximum T-Stop : T1.5 ; Minimum T-Stop : T22


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