RENIAN Small Grey White Balance Card


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About this item

Mini Three-color calibrated reference cards: with Non reflective and waterproof surface, matte finish for scratch resistant. Card size:3.3×2.1 inches/ 8.5×5.4cm. Compact Size for Travel and on location.
Double sided Portable Grey/ White Board: Made of durable wipe-clean surface fabric material, sewn to a sprung steel rim using row stitch technology. size:11.8inches/ 30cm.
Grey/white Card Kit: Ideal for adjusting color balance and exposure settings in both digital and film format cameras, DV cams, light meter.
Multifunctional Use: 18% gray card surface is suitable for adjusting the camera to get the accurate exposure setting. The pure white surface gives accurate color rendition to cameras and perform a white balance.
Package: 1x Three-color calibrated reference cards, 1x Double sided Grey/ White Board.


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