Camera Assistant DSLR Remote Control


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About this item

  • ✅【Instantly Capture&Transmit】Transmission speed is much faster than the wifi which build-in the camera, connect DSLR Camera Remote Controller by wireless, you can live view on mobile / PC / tablet / Mac.
  • ✅【Multiple Support】Remote Controller compatible supporting DSLR camera in the list,(just worked with supporting DSLR cameras)including support focus stacking and HDR exposure bracket, time lapse on camera, also,supports Android and iOS mobile phones, tablets, and PC computers.
  • ✅【Time-lapse Shooting】remote controller can provide settings for the time-lapse shooting time, the number of shots, the interval shooting,Suitable for shooting at bullet time, 3D modeling, and shooting at the same time from multiple angles.
  • ✅【Convenient viewfinder】Using a mobile phone or tablet as a viewfinder, you can easily shoot from various angles without having to lie on your stomach and other strange postures.


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