Superbat 3G HD SDI Cable BNC Cable 1ft


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Item name:Short BNC to BNC HD-SDI Cable.Connector 1:75 ohm BNC straight plug.Connector 2: 75 ohm BNC straight plug.
Connector material: Brass (Not Alloy) Body Plating:Nickel | Contact Pin: Brass, Gold plating | Contact point: Gold plating | >1000 Times Mating Life Time.
This cable is ideal for short-distance connection devices.1ft 30cm RG179 coax cable.Use PTFE Insulating Material, It has characteristics of light weight, Good flexibility, High Temperature Resistance, corrosion resistance. It Copper conductor and silver-plated shielding braid, It has Good shielding, Few Signal Attenuation.
Supported devices: Supports HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, component, composite, MADI, WORD CLOCK, SYNC, etc. It can transmit up to 1080p resolution for “high quality” HDTV (high definition television). Standard-definition (uncompressed) digital video is also transmitted. Compatible with any device with SDI output, such as a camera or monitor. You can connect the video of the crime prevention equipment between the equipment.


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