Production Coordinator


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The production coordinator’s job is to help the production manager with all aspects of the physical act of making films or video production. The bulk of a production coordinator’s job happens during the film’s production. A production coordinator’s job includes facilitating the production schedule, budgets, equipment rentals, transportation, locations, catering, billing, and communicating with crew members.

Tasks specific to a production coordinator include:

  • Act as a production’s point of contact with the crew. The production coordinator lets the crew know where they need to be and when (call times).
  • Scheduling and transportation. The production coordinator tracks schedule changes and arranges for transportation.
  • Supervise PAs and assistant production coordinators. The production coordinator delegates tasks to PAs, like running any errands necessary for the film’s production.
  • Run the production office. The production coordinator orders supplies and equipment for the production office; manages the phones and administrative emails; works with the production accountant to ensure bills are paid; assists in on-boarding new hires; and publishes call sheets and production reports.


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