Accsoon CineEye 2S Pro Wireless Video Transmitter


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【Dual-band transmission】CineEye 2SPro is Accsoon’s new professional wireless transmission system. With innovative 2.4GHz+5.8GHz Dual-Band Transmission technology, it can intelligently identify interference during transmission, then combine the data from these two streams to form the complete audio and video signal, greatly improving its stability and anti-interference capability.
【0.06s of latency & Easy pairing】 CineEye 2SPro further optimized the transmission process, From the transmitter to the receiver, CineEye 2SPro has less than 0.06s of latency. The transmitter can send to up to 4 devices at the same time, and there’s no limit to the combinations of receivers, no matter if its four dedicated receivers, iphones, ipads and android devices or even freely mix and match, you can get synced video stream on all of them.
【APP Monitoring & high quality video audio】Accsoon Go app supports both Android and iOS platforms. The latency on iOS devices can still reach less than 0.06s. Now you can get sharp image quality similar to online video platforms’ high quality 1080p playback. With High Image Quality, Robust Connection, Smooth Playback, Now you can turn you mobile devices into true wireless productivity.
【Take control of your power】By swapping from an internal battery to a battery cradle for both the transmitter and receiver units, you can now supply the CineEye 2S Pro with power from any Sony-style NP batteries. Keep extra batteries on-hand for all day shooting or plug the CineEye 2S Pro into ground power via the built-in DC input on both the transmitter and receiver.
【Easy firmware updates&Quality assurance】 CineEye 2S Pro support firmware updates. No sophisticated process needed, you can directly update your transmitter and receiver on the app.


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